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Welcome To Ern's Eporium

This eporium contains anything that is of interest to me. At present I am into eBaying and I have documented my ideas for creating and designing an auction listing here.

The use of HTML for ebay enables quicker listings, gives more design options and can help to reduce costs. To make the best use of the HTML auction templates on this website it is recommended to use the free HTML-kit editor. This enables templates to be built and viewed without logging onto ebay.
The HTML templates in Erns-Eporium are designed to be user friendly and can be used as an aid to understanding HTML as used for ebay listings

Another interest is skiing and so I have included a page about my favourite ski resort.

HTML section; How to use HTML to produce an auction listing + templates.
Custom Design section has online tools for designing auction templates.
Images page; Guide to photographing ebay auction items.
Images 2 page; How to remove the background from a photo.
Gallery maker; Creates a photo gallery to be added to an auction template.
Newsletter Design; is an online tool for creating an email newsletter.
Design page; Some ideas for ebay auction design.
Watermark page; How to copyright photos with a watermark.
Turbo Lister page; Using Turbo Lister.
Techniques page; Information about loading an auction listing.
Skiing page; Information for a summer skiing holiday.
Ski tuning page; Information for tuning skis.
Links page; Links to web sites that I have found useful.
Free templates can be found in the Templates, Templates 2 and Template Form pages.
Free custom templates,design your own templates in the
Custom template, Custom listing, Columns design or the Custom gallery pages.

Important Announcement

The Erns-Eporium website will be closed down from about Feburary 2015.

Anyone wishing to continue using the templates or custom designs may do so but will need to make and keep copies of them.

Any background image used will need to be copied, stored on a host (such as Photobucket) and the template background url code amended.